What We Learned In Our First Year


We made it, happy one year anniversary to the Raleigh Garment District. We’ve had the honor of collaborating on clothing brands, websites, and complete brand identities over the last 365 days, we’re super grateful to all the clients who have chosen to work with us so far!! We wouldn’t be celebrating with some cake (okay there may be wine here too) without you. Shout out these beautiful people.

In honor of our first year, and with respect to the lessons we learned, we’re posting a few pro tips on client projects. So here’s three big things we learned alongside these beautiful people over the last year!

  • Clients and Friends? 

Can 100% mix! Defining clear boundaries when you go into a contract with a friend has been a game changer. It may feel overly formal at first when you were out for drinks two nights ago, but this friend deserves the same professionalism any other client does. Treat ‘em like the VIP they are, and chances are they’ll return the attitude! 

  • The Days Turn Into Weeks, Fast.

Projects seem so possible when you’re looking at them from a month away. Unfortunately, time has a habit of disappearing when communication is delayed or not maintained. Building a process to keep the wheels turning is critical in maintaining momentum - the big idea here is that process sets expectations and standards. Through this, we were empowered to keep projects on track and budget.

  • No One Can Account For a Bad Day.

Its happens - everyone has them. Machines break. Tires go flat. Inevitably, someone else's bad day will impact you while juggling so many contacts on a project. Vendors, shippers, designers, artists, clients, their employees.. The list gets long quickly. The best thing you can do is set a realistic timeline, and build in buffers for bad days. Remember no one is perfect, and when you demand perfect every time like we do, it takes a little extra effort and time.

So work with friends! Set both of you up for success with a great process, and remember to build in a little extra time for the inevitable. Everything is a process!

So that’s that! A whole year, in the books! Thanks for having us, and we can’t wait to celebrate year two with you <3

hannah stablerComment