Trends we’ve seen in the industry (and changes we’d love)

2019 has been a fun year for the small fashion industry. Here’s our top things we love, and one thing we would change about the textile world right now!

Things we are loving:

  1. An intelligent consumer: That’s right, the girl holding the vegan latte wants to know if your cotton is fair trade and unbleached. And her three friends behind her want to know if the cork in your sandals is sustainably sourced. And the guy who came in earlier passed on a shirt purchase because he won’t purchase a blended textile. Consumers knowledgeable in product mean your sales staff should be on the ball, and products should sell their green details. Case Study: our partnered brand Canabird - check them out at They’re dedicated to plastic free products and planting trees, a mission we are thrilled to be a part of. 

  2. Support for Small Brands: While hype beasts are still alive and well, a surge in independent style had put a spotlight on less popular brands as people look to stand out. The fashion energy now is incredibly individual, and with that brings people to new styles. It’s a part of the educated consumer movement. Check out artist Secret Heart and brand FTP. Both these brands are enjoying lots of attention after great product and better placement catapulted them to the spotlight. Your favorite artists are probably shopping more boutique brands - see if they have a stylist on Instagram for more information!

  3. Finally, something we would change is… fresh new vendors! No one has innovated in the space for a while - we would love to have some young energy providing cut and sew services on the East Coast! Do you know someone we should know? Link us up and we’ll slide you a discount on your next project.

Where do you see 2020 taking us? Will style continue to favor the independents? Or will people be tired of the chunky silhouettes and deconstructed garments? 

Let me know what you’re wearing, and who you’d like to add to your closet!

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